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Whether you have minor concerns and desire a small improvement in your smile, or you are dealing with multiple aesthetic concerns, Lawnicki Dental Care can help. Our office provides cosmetic dental care for Winchester, Arlington, Lexington, Woburn, and Burlington. Dr. Lawnicki offers a range of services and tailors treatment plans to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Lawnicki offers convenient and highly-effective whitening in Winchester with Nite White® brand professional strength teeth bleaching system. You can achieve significant results in seven days with this customized take-home teeth whitening kit.


These thin porcelain shells conceal a variety of minor dental flaws, like small chips, cracks, mild crowding, and whitening resistant discoloration. This treatment takes only two visits, the first to obtain a precise impression of your teeth, and the second to carefully place them. Our Winchester office uses veneers to completely transform smiles.

Direct Veneers

Dr. Lawnicki applies a composite resin, tooth-colored material that replicates both the color and sheen of a natural tooth, to the front of one or more teeth. This cosmetic bonding can re-contour, lighten, and conceal imperfections much like porcelain veneers.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Lawnicki Dental Care offers Invisalign® clear braces in Winchester to discreetly and efficiently align teeth that are crooked or crowded and can also correct bite issues. If you want a straighter and brighter smile, the last custom tray included with Invisalign treatment can also be used with Nite White® to whiten teeth.

Missing and Damaged Teeth

We also offer quality crowns, bridges, and dentures to repair or replace teeth and renew your smile.

To learn more about receiving cosmetic dental care in Winchester, call our office today or schedule your appointment online!

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